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"Five Swords":protectors and leaders of Chinese wine business.
Date: 2008/1/8    Hits: 3131
In the last years, “Five Swords” represented the top level of Chinese wine while “Five Swords” are leading the Chinese wines to march towards the worldwide famous wine. They are very confident about that.
In the consumers’ opinion, “Five Swords” are the representations of famous Chinese wines. In the last two decades, no mater brand deposition or manufacturing size or taxing, Mao Tai, Wu Liang ye, Jiannanchun are the Top 3 in Chinese wine business. Between those, Wu Liang Ye‘s Brand Equity and production Size, Taxing are the top leader. Mao Tai is No.2. Jiannanchun makes the second in production size while the third in taxing. In the high class wine consuming market, “Five Swords” are regarded to be images of the high class wines.

Nowadays, the stock price of Mao Tai is going high for quite a long time. When different kinds of wines are competing for the sixth famous Chinese wine, Wu Liang Ye has made itself a famous worldwide wine. There are some evidences that in the Chinese wine competitive circumstances, “Five Swords”, which represent the highest class Chinese wine, are leading the way. In another word, “Five Swords” is the bright pearls on the top of the wine pyramid and they are the best representations of Chinese wines.

The reasons of “Five Swords” have been protecting and leading Chinese wine line:

1. Noble race and long histories make “Five Swords”.

Chinese wine’s brand were charmed by their born- blue blood, by which they turned into the priceless symbols of traditional high-class Chinese wines. Mao Tai, for instances, can goes back to 2,000 ago’s “GouJiang Wine” so that it’s named “National Wine”; And Wu Liang ye, stems from 600 years ago, is respected as the king of Chinese wines. Jiannanchun, existed in ancient Shu, entitled “the Chinese high-class wine’s protector.”

2. The above average quality and unique character make “Five Swords”.

Average quality, unique, there is no flaw in the quality: these are the characters of high-class products. The famous wines, such as Wu Liang ye and Jiannanchun are picked out from the first classes’ wines. There are only no more than 10% can be chosen. Choose the best from the best, this is the reason make “Five Swords” high prices.

Although some wines are more expensive than “Five Swords” in the competitions, consumers are extremely royal to “Five Swords” still. That means the product value, expect value, image value of “Five Swords” are highly accepted by consumers after a long period. The consumers are no longer pay attentions to the price but the goods, what is very hard to exist in the other lines.

3. The models of this line and responsibilities of the leader select “Five Swords”.

Who are the models of Chinese wine in quality and brand? Who lead this line in the past 2 decades? Who are responsible for the “health” of Chinese wines? The answers are the same: “Five Swords”. Thought many wine companies feel pressures because of “Five Swords”, none of them questioned the qualities of “Five Swords”. There is no people question “Five Swords” is the natural criteria of Chinese high-class wines. The above proof “Five Swords” themselves as the quality and brand models of wines. Being a leader of wine business, “Five Swords” works on the market developing, building relationships with companies go out to the foreign countries.

4. Three senior entrepreneurs’ responsibilities and philosophy thought make “Five Swords”.

A famous economist said, what we really need are strong enterprises, what we yearn for are entrepreneurs with philosophy thoughts. From the sides of enterprises, today’s main pattern of Chinese wines are being leaded by Keqiang Ji(Mao Tai), Guochun Wang(Wu Liang Ye), Tianming Qiao(Jiannanchun), etc. They set examples in the brand, price, channels, etc. It’s said that no one but they set the main pattern of the whole wine lines. Though this saying seems superman philosophy, these entrepreneurs take the historical responsibilities so that they have made big achievements.

5. “Five Swords” of China would be Five Swords of the world.

Since 2003, appearing on the market in succession of Mao-tai, Wu Liang ye vintage, Jiannanchun Collections, vintage wines, China’s traditional wine is completely on the road of World Famous Wine. In China, Five Swords” plays a decisive role in the fierce competition between traditional wine and imported wine, contributing to the overwhelming advantage of china’s traditional wine, Even vanquishing foreign brands! At present in china, the view of “china’s traditional wine is the best wine” reach an agreement among mainstream consumers. Five Swords’ quality, word of mouth and breakthrough development towards world famous wine is the key factor which leads to this result.

      In abroad, Five Swords is the luxury of Chinese brands in Western eyes. What cause the high stock of mao-tai? Why Swede made cooperation with Jiannanchun in order to establish the company which sale the china’s traditional wine? The crucial reason is people regard this stock as luxury stock in China, more and more western drinks companies are attracted by traditional wine ’s huge potential in international market. So, with strengthening of China and expanding of Five Swords’ international strategy, the international influence of China’s traditional wine would be quirkily sparked. Given time, Five Swords would lead china’s traditional wine to let out brilliant glory on the international stage.


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