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New upgraded anti-fake package Jiannanchun are nationwide on sale.
Date: 2008/2/27    Hits: 3917
It's reported that Jiannanchun, one of the famous Chinese liquors, has upgraded its techniques and raised the quality after adopting the international texture anti-fake technology. In this way, it was authenticated as a famous Chinese liquor by National purified in-pit solid fermentation brand. After being upgraded the anti-fake system, new-packaged Jiannanchun are nationwide on sale, and about to be the main-steam in the market.
The upgraded anti-fake technology is in the same way as the latest version's paper money.
According to the introduction, the new packing has no difference with the elder version, such as color, image, style, etc. The only difference exists in the anti-fake packing: The upgraded anti-fake technology is in the same way as the latest version's paper money. For example, temperature sensitive ink, anti-copying orange color, high accurate print, offset micro characters, concave convex line are the most advanced anti-fake technology, from which the Jiannanchun Group Co,. Ltd.'s top anti-fake technology was revealed. 
Except the "purified in-pit solid fermentation" sign which was printed on the outer-package, the top technologies were adopted by Jiannanchun. It can be concluded as "Three Defenses and Eight securities". "Three Defenses" means there are 3 aspects which can be used to distinguish from the fake ones while "Eight securities" represents there are 8 aspects which are very similar with the paper money anti-faking technology.
Defense 1: the outer-package adopts a very similar way with the paper money anti-faking technology.
There are "Eight securities" to distinguish the fake one from the genuine one.
Security 1: anti-copying orange color. This color emits fluorescence in the ultraviolet lamp. Consumer distinguishes it through a portable ultraviolet currency detector. It's very common that some restaurants have electronic ultraviolet bug killer, by which can be used to pick out the fake ones. It's warm welcomed by consumers.
Security 2: golden stamp. There is a golden stamp on the newly anti-fake package.
Security 3: temperature sensitive ink. It's a high-tech achievement that if heated the anti-faking sign by lighter or other safety origin of heat, the pink color come out and it will return when the origin of heat was far away from it.  There is an old saying "A smoker is always a drunkard" so that many consumer go out will lighter, if not, the restaurant, canteen or buffet can surely provide that. It's really a easy-taking tool to distinguish the new Jiannanchun.
Security 4 and Security 5: micro characters both in Chinese and English. The high degree of accuracy was stuck and it's very clear under the magnifying glasses. Of course we have no necessary to bring a pair of magnifying glasses to the restaurant, we can just use our friends' convex glass to check it. 
Security 6: security die-cutting technology. There is no problem if you haven't got a pair of magnifying glasses: a normal eyesight consumer may notice the security die-cutting technology at the verge of the sign directly.
Security 7: mirror printing ink. Under the testing window, there are different color- red or green in each sight.
Security 8: laser printing ink. There is a lights pot can be detected by laser pen.
Defense 2: Throwaway Pulling Tab.
The new Jiannanchun adopts the Throwaway Pulling Tab to prevent the package with anti-fake sign were reused by the fraud producers. Once consumer check the anti-fake sign and pull out the tab to open the package, the package will never be used again because of the throwaway design.
Defense 3: The anti-fake line sign on the bottle since 2002. Adding black fiber into white paper pulp so that the random-distributed "veins paper" was created. The producer use the veins paper to make the anti-fake sign, encoder each veins paper's vein image and store in the anti-fake database so that consumers may check it by phone, SMS and through the internet. What's more, each veins sign is unique and it will never make mistake.
The anti-fake upgrade is well-considerate. The high-tech sign on the outer packing make consumers more convenient to distinguish. Throwaway Pulling Tab make the package won't be used again. The anti-fake line sign, printed on the inner bottle makes sure each bottle of wine unique and genuine. From outer to inner, the new anti-fake system make sure consuming Jiannanchun to be a safe process and the benefit of consumers are firmly protested. 
Origin: Sichuan Workers' Daily


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